Rerip Line

Complete Rerip system, about 1 year old.  Installed, and started up but never ran production.

*** SOLD ***

A complete system including a new 6" HBR-6 Rerip, Double bin, conveyors (infeed, waste, outfeed).

Bin Conveyor:  This is a double bin with live bottom.  Each half of the bin has it's own independent drive with conveyor belts in the bottom of the box.  Our intent here was to be able to dump 4/4 in one side and 6/4 in the other side which would give some surge to work back and forth.  Bin dimensions are 10' wide x 8' deep x 4' high.  Side height could be increased depending on the situation.

Operator platform and infeed Conveyors:  There is a guarded operator platform where the operator stands to control the system and feed the Rerip.  The operator controls the Bin Conveyors which then dump into another horizontal transfer conveyor to feed blocks to the front of the Rerip.

Waste Conveyors:  There is a waste conveyor that Rerip edgings fall into and then transfer into a 2nd waste conveyor to remove the waste away from the system.

Outfeed Conveyors:  There are 6 trough conveyors feeding out of the Rerip that drop off in 6' increments as you move away from the Rerip.  This was elevated and designed to have boxes under the drops for the blocks to fall into.

Everything has been wired and is functional.

  • Price: $ 108,000         FOB:  Oregon

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Interested in this item?

Weima Wood Grinder

Used WL-4 s/n 500-5554

  • 25 HP main motor
  • 7 hp hydro motor
  • new HD ram and yoke
  • newer knives
  • new hoses and valve
  • some spare parts like anvil and the uhmw rail slides, and spare timer relays
  • year of Mfg: apx 2005

Price: $ 10,000         FOB:  Oregon

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Prime Line

2 pass spray line

  • 2 spray stations
  • 2 lateral conveyors with infrared heaters
  • other conveyors as shown
  • 24” width capacity
  • 480 volts

Price: $ 5,000         FOB:  Oregon

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Western Pneumatics

Finger Jointer

SN: FJ-20305

Complete with Profile machine, Assembly machine, Board press, Press trim saw, Off bearing skids, Corner transfer, Assembly infeed conveyor.

Price: $ 120,000         FOB:  California

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Hydromat 22 AL

  • 5 heads
    • bottom 20hp
    • right 15hp
    • left 15hp
    • top 30hp
    • bottom 20hp
  • Manufactured in 1995 
  • 1-13/16” spindles
  • Tilting feed works.
  • 250 FPM
  • Straight and pattern jointers included.
  • Extra universals.

Price: Price on Request          FOB:  Oregon

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Rip Saw SM-300

  • Manufactured in 1981
  • 12” rip capacity
  • 14” saws
  • Feed speeds – 13-80 fpm
  • Max thickness 4-3/4”
  • 40 HP – 480 Volt – 3700 RPM
  • Works Great, except chain oiler 
  • All manuals included.

Price: Price on Request          FOB:  Oregon

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Used Hydrolock Cutterheads

We have a large selection of Hydrolock Cutterheads. Let us know what you are looking for, maybe we've got it.

Price: On Request

FOB:  Bend